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What Do You Know about Dangerous Food Avoidance?

Are you aware that the foods and drinks you eat could be putting your mouth at an increased risk for failure? Guard your teeth and gums by eating healthy.

The first step in improving your oral health includes removing sugars from your diet. Sugars are hazardous to our mouths because they can be converted into harmful acids within our mouths which are capable of chewing through our precious tooth enamel. Some sugary substances, especially sour sweets and treats, tend to have an enormously low pH level and thus are highly acidic. In fact, some pH levels in sour candies are so bad they are nearly equivalent to car battery acid.

Not all oral health risks at the dinner table take place over time. Some of the effects can be instantaneous. If you are not cautious, you could find yourself biting off more than you can chew. This can cause chips, cracks, fractures, splits, and broken teeth. Although our teeth are strong, they are not built to bite or tear through extremely hard materials. Be careful when trying to bite through foods that may be excessively hard.

If you would like an oral health care treatment from Owens Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at our dentist office in Pulaski, Tennessee, please contact us at (931) 277-4666. Dr. Nathan Owens and the rest of our team will ensure you get the terrific smile you desire. It’s never too late to enhance your smile!

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