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What to Do if You Have TMJ

What do you know about how stress can affect your health? Stress could also lead to oral health issues, including bruxism, which is commonly referred to as teeth grinding. While this might not seem like a serious issue, are you aware that bruxism might actually cause a number of serious problems?

Individuals tend to grind their pearly whites while they’re nervous or stressed. Teeth grinding wears down your pearly whites, which could eventually lead to tooth loss. If your teeth are uneven, plaque and bacteria can also be more difficult to remove from your smile. This might leave you more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay, and other issues like  TMJ disorder.

If you are suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ/TMD, you might have a hard time closing and opening your mouth and your jaw could also become stuck. These issues occur because your TMJ joint actually controls the movement of our jaw. In addition, this disorder often leads to frequent headaches and soreness in your jaw. If you think you could be suffering from TMJ, your doctor may be able to help you treat its underlying cause. Our dental team may also suggest a custom oral appliance to help you.

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to cope with TMJ disorder in Pulaski, Tennessee, please feel free to give Owens Family & Cosmetic Dentistry a call at (931) 277-4666. Our dentist, Dr. Nathan Owens and our team will gladly examine your smile and offer you personalized advice. We’re excited to meet with you!

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