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Understanding the Causes of TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joints, commonly called TMJs, are important ball and socket joints located on either side of the jaw to connect it to the skull and enable full mouth movement. The purpose of the TMJs is to help you speak clearly, chew up food to be digested properly, and open and close your mouth in general. Your TMJs can also experience a lot of discomfort from TMJ disorders that require professional treatment.

The complexity of these joints leaves them susceptible to damage and injury, causing you to develop chronic discomfort known as TMJ disorder or TMD. You may be able to treat joint pain caused by TMJ disorder with a simple ice or heat pack, especially if you also develop swelling and inflammation from the disorder. If anxiety or stress is causing tension in your jaw, we invite you to incorporate some relaxing practices into your life. These can include biofeedback, meditation, music therapy, and yoga.

Another option is that TMJ disorder is caused by another condition known as bruxism, which results in you grinding and clenching your teeth during sleep and putting lots of pressure on your jaw every night. Our dentist may treat a TMJ disorder caused by bruxism by fitting you for a bite plate or custom night guard to prevent bruxism and stabilize your jaw.

To learn more about TMJ disorder treatment options in Pulaski, Tennessee, contact Owens Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at (931) 277-4666 today for  a consultation with Dr. Nathan Owens.

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