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Teeth and Gums 101: Dental Floss

Dental floss can enhance your oral health care routine. With dental floss, your oral health care can be radically improved. Not only can dental floss defend your mouth against the effects of tooth decay and gum disease, it can keep your teeth strong and your smile debris-free. However, it is always crucial to floss correctly.

Dental floss is used to clean the areas of your mouth that brushing alone cannot enter. Even though brushing your teeth is required for removing bacteria and plaque buildup, there are areas that will be missed. Any areas where plaque can grow will damage your teeth and put you in danger of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Thus, all areas of your mouth in and around all teeth must be cleaned equally and effectively.

Always use a dental floss that will not rip. Floss that is shred resistant is much better at doing its job correctly. For each dental flossing sitting, try to use a strand that is around 18 inches long. Wrap it around a finger on each hand but make sure it has enough slack so that you can move up and down the strand as necessary. This is important to make sure a new section of the strand can be used between each tooth. Each flossing treatment should take roughly 2-3 minutes and should be done once daily.

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