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A Partial Denture Might Be Used to Replace the Function of Multiple Knocked Out Teeth

Sometimes an accidental blow to the face or oral injury can apply so much force to a tooth that it severs the periodontal ligaments that anchor one or more teeth into your periodontal tissues. This is more likely to occur if you participate in contact sports without the protection of a quality mouth guard.

In some of these cases the teeth can be saved or treated by having Dr. Nathan Owens and his team perform an emergency root canal. Yet there are some severe cases of dental trauma where the teeth and sockets are so badly compromised that the only viable course of treatment is to extract whatever remains of the roots.

Once everything has healed, Dr. Nathan Owens can help you understand your options for restoring your missing teeth.

If you’re uncomfortable with the oral surgery involved with a dental implant supported bridge restoration, Dr. Nathan Owens might advocate replacing basic function and appearance of your missing teeth with a partial denture.

It is a removable dental appliance that mimics the appearance and function of the original teeth. Each replica tooth will be founded into a pink medium designed to match your natural gum tissues. If needed, the partial denture might also include hardware to lock them with the adjacent teeth.

If you live in the Pulaski, Tennessee, area and you have just suffered a severe dental trauma, you should not delay in calling (931) 277-4666 to seek emergency treatment at Owens Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

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