Scaling and Root Planing Can Ward Off Advanced Gum Disease

When you visit the dentist for a routine dental appointment, you typically receive a teeth cleaning to remove plaque, especially from your gum line. This is cleaning is performed to ward off gum disease, a gum inflammation caused by a buildup of tartar and bacterial plaque. If gum disease occurs, we can perform a deep… Read more »

Healthy Diet Tips for Your Teeth

Did you know a healthy diet can help your teeth too? Having a healthy and beautiful smile is important because a smile can make lasting impressions and is vital in our everyday life. To help you learn more about your diet, our dentist, Dr. in , , has provided you with healthy diet tips for… Read more »

Build Your Best Smile with Oral Health Care for Older Individuals

Your oral health care should be the foundation of your smile. Caring for your smile as you age is essential to ensure your teeth can continue to thrive. Aside from the care you will receive from a medical professional, it is important to make sure you are taking care of your smile yourself. This includes… Read more »

Understanding the Causes of TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular joints, commonly called TMJs, are important ball and socket joints located on either side of the jaw to connect it to the skull and enable full mouth movement. The purpose of the TMJs is to help you speak clearly, chew up food to be digested properly, and open and close your mouth in… Read more »

Halitosis: A Common Problem

Halitosis, also referred to as “bad breath,” afflicts up to 50% of adults at some point in their lives. There are a number of possible causes for bad breath, which range from the mild to the very serious. Before assuming the worst, however, consider these common causes of halitosis. There are many kinds of bacteria… Read more »

Chewing Sugarless Gum Might Reduce Oral Plaque Acids

Excess plaque, food particles, sugar residue and bacterial matter in your mouth can increase the presence of plaque acids in your mouth. Over time this can affect the mineral strength of your tooth enamel, which could increase your chances of suffering from cavities. After a meal your mouth’s natural saliva production helps to loosen food… Read more »

A Partial Denture Might Be Used to Replace the Function of Multiple Knocked Out Teeth

Sometimes an accidental blow to the face or oral injury can apply so much force to a tooth that it severs the periodontal ligaments that anchor one or more teeth into your periodontal tissues. This is more likely to occur if you participate in contact sports without the protection of a quality mouth guard. In… Read more »

Dentistry Highlights: Halitosis Prevention

In order to ensure that your smile receives the care it needs, it is important to always be protective against any signs of halitosis. Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is an indication that bacteria are present in your mouth and emitting foul odors. Thus, it is important to understand the causes of halitosis, and… Read more »

A Dental Checkup Is an Important Part of Maintaining Effective Oral Hygiene Habits

As you are likely aware maintaining a truly healthy mouth goes beyond simply brushing your teeth each morning and night as well as remembering to floss once each day. Having a dental checkup performed by a dentist like Dr. twice a year is also a critical component of maintaining good oral health. Each checkup administered… Read more »

Fact or Fiction: Washington’s Dentures

Did you know that in 1976, more than 150 years after his death, George Washington was promoted to Six Star General in the U.S. military? This promotion was invented solely for Washington, meaning no U.S. military officer can ever outrank him. Read on to learn a tiny bit more about the fact and fiction behind… Read more »