A Severe Facial Fracture May Require Maxillofacial Reconstruction

Automobile collisions, unprotected blows to the face and work-related injuries that impact the head can cause facial lacerations and significant damage to the underlying facial bones. Even with timely emergency treatment these injuries can have a significant impact on your appearance and the overall function of your mouth.

In many of these cases a fractured jaw, fractured facial bone or damaged sinus can have long-term ramifications on your quality of life. Even after the soft tissue trauma has fully healed the affected area could be prone to additional complications in the future.

Here at Owens Family & Cosmetic Dentistry our dentist includes maxillofacial reconstruction in his scope of service. The nature and severity of the trauma to the underlying bone structure and related soft tissues will determine the specific procedures necessary to treat the affected area. This will require comprehensive diagnostics, which will likely include a series of X-rays and other scans.

After assessing each traumatized area Dr. Nathan Owens can help you understand your treatment options. Some of these cases require one or more outpatient procedures to fully address the structure of the face and mouth. The process of mending affected bones might include wiring the jaw, installing a bone graft or making minor edits to bone structures as they slowly heal.

Our dentist will provide you with any necessary recovery instructions. Following them closely and taking any medications as directed will help you heal quickly and without further complications.

If you have recently suffered a significant oral or facial trauma and you are still dealing with the long-term ramifications, you should call 931-363-1388 to set up an appointment at Dr. Nathan Owens’s clinic in Pulaski, Tennessee.